This video will show current and potential clients the ethos of fuel. fuel are an efficient and professional company who care deeply about the work they do and their customers. This will be the focus of the video. Clients should come away from watching the video with a good sense of the priority of fuel through seeing and hearing from some of the employees going out to businesses’ daily.

The question is why do we need FUEL

The answer is efficiency, peace of mind, growth

Project Details

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Highlight the passion of those that work at fuel

show the knowledge and expertise that exists at fuel

show that fuel works with businesses’ of all sizes

Give potential clients confidence in the fuel brand

My Commitment:

you get my full personal attention for the length of this project. While shooting and editing I will be soley focused on this particular project. You will have my full creative efforts in bringing to life the vision you have for this video.

Why Visible Joy?

in whatever job i do my focus is on telling a story. I truly belive that conveying story is the most important factor when communicating information to others. I will bring that art of storying telling to this project so that clients not only find out about fuel but are even more confident in choosing fuel for their needs. For this project the story is that of fuel told through the day to day work of engineers. The story of their day is the story of fuel: hard working, customer focused and professional and i want to tell that story.