Toni & Pauric // April 2018 // Highlights Video // Drenagh House

There is so much to say about this wedding but I will keep it short and simple. This was an elegant and beautiful wedding. I started the day meeting up with Pauric and sharing in the relaxed atmosphere that was his parents home. From there I went to the stunning (and busy) brides home. Toni and her bridesmaids were already in the the throngs of getting ready. Throughout the morning there was laughter and smiles. This was such a good time just getting to know Toni and her family and closest friends as well as enjoying the buzz of the preparation which I personally love being apart of. 

Throughout the day the laughter, the fun and love that I experienced early in the day just carried through. Just looking at how Toni and Pauric interacted was moving as they were so relaxed together and loved each other so well. I hope this came across in the film. On top of all of the love and beauty, there was a lot of fun which meant a lot of dancing. I couldn't help hanging around a lot longer than i expected jut capturing some moments from later in the evening. 

This is one to remember, 

Thank you Toni & Pauric. 


Venue - Drenagh country house estate

Photographer - Weddings by Melissa