Video One:

 An engineers perspective


This video will show current and potential clients the ethos of fuel through the eyes of its engineers. The video will show the passion and enthusiasm of the guys on the ground as well as their expertise. Keeping the engineers story central to the video we will show who fuel’s customers are; referencing the fact that all sizes and types of business can greatly benefit from what fuel offers. Throughout the video you will see visuals and hear audio that will show the efficiency of the fuel support process.

Basic Outline of Video:

Speaking about their passion for the work they do and the reason why businesses need them to be on site we start the video with view of an engineer talking from the fuel workshop. The visuals will cut to the engineer preparing to go out to a site; talking, laughing with other employees (in particular the software guys - possibly a shot of them going into a meeting with everyone showing infrastructure and support working together). Back to the interview the engineer is talking about the diverse range of businesses fuel works with. While talking the visuals will show the engineer leaving the workshop, the van leaving (both footage from ground level and aerial) and then the visuals switch to showing numerous types of business (urban, rural, big, small). Cut to interview with a client who is talking about what fuel did for their business; how efficient they were and how easy they were to work with. Visuals will cut to engineers on site working with different types of infrastructure (servers, networking etc). Interview with the engineer who will talk about what they do on site (referring to huge benefit of having both infrastructure and support). Visuals will go between engineer on site and support team at fuel HQ. Back to interview with customer talking about why they would continue to use fuel. Visuals show engineer leaving (this shot will merge with shot of engineer back at fuel). The last scene will be a short sentence of the engineer saying that they love doing what they do. Fade to fuel logo.

Engineer: Passion

Visuals: At FUEL HQ

Engineer: Who do FUEL serve?

Visuals: Different business types

Client: What FUEL did for them

Visuals: Engineers working on site \ Support team

Client: Why they would use FUEL again

Engineer: Why they love what they do

  • Every Project is a passion project

Shoot days:

Day One: Interview of engineers. I will interview 2-3 engineers using one interview as the focus of this video while retaining the rest for further videos. Footage within fuel (engineers preparing to leave, support staff etc). Footage of the van stationary and on the move to different businesses.

Day Two: Interviews with client. Footage within clients business including engineer working. The client interview will cover more than whats needed for this video but will be retained for future videos.

Day Three: Footage of different landscapes and businesses. Any pick up shots needed that weren’t captured in the first two days.

Initial Timeline:

1 week for interviews and footage capture

3 days to organise and review footage

3 weeks To edit and get first draft of promotional video for review

2 weeks to fine tune the video

Less than 7 weeks from shooting to final video depending on schedules and amount of fine tuning needed

N.B - The particular visuals captured will in part be guided by the interviews although I will have a shot list of necessary shots to capture.